Outfitting Your Home in Style with Dressers from Bob’s Furniture

Finding the perfect dresser to suit your space, style and storage needs can be a challenge. With so many options to sort through, the process is often more overwhelming than exciting. That’s where Bob’s Furniture comes in.

Known for quality furniture at affordable prices, Bob’s selection of stylish dressers simplifies upgrading your bedroom or any living space. This detailed guide will walk you through choosing the ideal dresser from Bob’s for your home. Get ready to love how you live!

Determine Your Needs – Size, Style and Purpose

Determine Your Needs - Size, Style and Purpose

When browsing Bob’s showrooms or website, begin by getting clear on:

  • Room – Will it be placed in a bedroom, entryway, living room, etc? Measure the space.
  • Dimensions – Note any width, height or depth limitations based on room layout. Don’t forget doorways!
  • Storage needs – Will you store folded clothes, accessories, display items? Decide drawer configuration.
  • Quantity – How many drawers do you need for organizing your stuff? Deep drawers provide ample room.
  • Finish – Choose a finish that coordinates with existing furniture and decor.
  • Style – Traditional, modern, industrial, retro? Pick a style aligned with your overall aesthetic.
  • Material – Dressers come in woods like oak, maple or mahogany. Metals and particle board are affordable options.
  • Features – Any must-haves like built-in lighting, charging station, mirror?

Knowing your needs upfront makes narrowing options easy. Be realistic about space and how you’ll use the dresser. A spacious 8-drawer won’t fit a small room or tiny closet. Measure twice to get it right!

Assess Construction to Evaluate Quality

Assess Construction to Evaluate Quality

A dresser’s construction greatly impacts its appearance, longevity and functionality. Shoddy workmanship shows quickly. When evaluating Bob’s dressers, look for:

  • Solid wood – Avoid laminates which scratch and warp. Oak, mahogany and maple are durable options.
  • Secure joinery – Dovetail joints last longer than staples or glue. Check for loose legs or trim.
  • Smooth drawers – Look for center guides or ball bearing slides. Drawers should glide easily without sticking.
  • Sturdy back – Plywood prevents sagging over time. A solid wood back is best for larger dressers.
  • Robust framing – Mortise and tenon joints add stability. Dowels are sturdier than screws alone.
  • Quality finishes – Multiple coats with a protective sealant add moisture resistance and durability.
  • Straight hardware – Knobs and pulls should be installed evenly and open/close smoothly.
  • Levelers – Built-in levelers keep the dresser steady on uneven floors.

Top notch construction ensures your Bob’s dresser stays structurally sound for years. Flimsy bargain dressers don’t do your stuff justice!

Understand Delivery and Assembly

Understand Delivery and Assembly

You’ve picked the perfect dresser at Bob’s. But how does it get from the showroom to your home looking fabulous? Consider:

  • Delivery fees – Are they included or extra? Make sure to budget accordingly.
  • Availability – Same day, next day or scheduled delivery? Understand timeframes.
  • Communication – Do they call ahead or provide a delivery ETA? Be ready when they arrive.
  • Access – Fees for stairs, long carry or other obstacles? Know what to expect.
  • Packaging – Request removal and disposal of packing materials to reduce clutter.
  • Old furniture – Ask if they’ll remove existing dresser for donation or disposal. Declutter!
  • Assembly – Is it an additional service fee? Ensure assembly is inspected for defects before completion.
  • Self assembly – If you decline assembly, are all necessary tools and hardware included?
  • Issues – Who do you contact if any delivery damage or assembly problems? Get support.

Understanding the full delivery and setup process means your dresser transitions seamlessly from showroom model to functional fixture at home.

Caring for Your Dresser Over the Long Term

Caring for Your Dresser Over the Long Term

Your new Bob’s dresser looks gorgeous on day one. Proper care ensures it stays that way for years of service.

  • Dust regularly – a microfiber cloth removes dust before it accumulates.
  • Clean spills quickly – immediately wipe moisture to prevent stains and water marks.
  • Use coasters – place felt pads under lamps, vases and decor.
  • Inspect joinery – periodically check for loosening joints or trim. Tighten hardware when needed.
  • Check drawers – remove debris that could obstruct drawer movement. Keep operating smoothly.
  • Consider furniture polish – polish protects finishes from minor scratches and scuffs.
  • Avoid direct sunlight – position dresser away from windows and extreme light which fades finishes.
  • Lift properly – always lift furniture by frame to move. Never drag across the floor.
  • Spot clean – for fabric or upholstered dressers, spot clean stains based on fabric recommendations.

With periodic inspection and care, your Bob’s dresser will function flawlessly for years. Follow any special instructions from the manufacturer, too.

Shop Bob’s for a Dresser That’s Made to Last

With an unmatched selection of styles at reasonable prices, Bob’s makes finding a dresser you’ll cherish easy. Define your needs, evaluate construction and care instructions, and ensure proper delivery. Ask the Bob’s team questions – they’re furniture experts ready to guide you to the perfect dresser for your space.

The right dresser pulls a room together, provides needed storage, and showcases your style. With some practical decision making, a dresser from Bob’s Furniture will serve you well for seasons to come. Get ready to love how your space comes together!

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