Floor Your Home in Style and Comfort with Carpet from Bob’s

When it’s time to replace the outdated, worn out carpeting in your home, finding stylish but budget-friendly new flooring can seem daunting. Look no further than your local Bob’s Carpet store! As one of the nation’s leading carpet retailers, Bob’s brings together an incredible selection of quality carpets, professional installation services, and affordable pricing.

With nearly 300 locations across the U.S., Bob’s Carpet has been helping homeowners find the perfect carpets for over 60 years. Their wide variety ranges from plush wall-to-wall carpeting to decorative area rugs. Whether you seek hard-wearing durability or cushiony softness underfoot, Bob’s Carpet has you covered.

Read on for an overview of Bob’s Carpet’s standout selections, tips for choosing the ideal carpeting for your home and lifestyle, what to expect with installation, and answers to frequently asked questions. With the helpful guidance of Bob’s friendly flooring experts, you can transform the look and feel of your living space with fresh new carpeting.

The Best 4 Types of Carpet Sold at Bob’s

With a huge in-stock selection, Bob’s Carpet offers all the popular carpet varieties to suit any room in your home. Here are some top options:

Wall-to-Wall Broadloom Carpet

For contiguous flooring throughout a space, broadloom carpeting comes in 12 or 15-foot wide rolls cut to size. Nylon and polyester broadloom resists stains, while wool is naturally soil-resistant. Pile heights and textures vary. Broadloom is installed using tack strips around the perimeter.

Modular Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles allow for simple DIY installation one square at a time using peel-and-stick backing. Mix and match styles and colors for patterns. Stagger tiles randomly for the most seamless look. Carpet tiles work well in basements, laundry rooms, and offices.

Area Rugs

Available in all sizes from small door mats to expansive room-size area rugs, these accent pieces layer visual interest. Choose braided, shag, Moroccan trellis, floral, striped, or traditional patterns. Use area rugs to define spaces or anchor furniture groupings.

Stair Runners

Runners are long narrow carpets designed specifically for stairs. Available in solids, patterns like stripes, or designs like floral vines, runners not only beautify stairs but make them safer too. Padding helps grip footing. Custom sizes are available.

How to Choose Carpet at Bob’s

With the huge selection at Bob’s Carpet, keep these tips in mind to make carpet shopping simple:

  • Measure room dimensions and doorway openings to calculate yardage required for broadloom. Allow 6-12 inches extra for trimming.
  • Consider high traffic areas like stairs, hallways, and entries that demand very durable carpeting. Prioritize wear resistance here.
  • Match carpet texture, pile type, and height to the room decor. Formal living rooms often suit plush dense carpets while casual dens can use frieze or berber.
  • Estimate full installation costs including materials per square yard and labor charges per hour. Installation can equal the carpet price.
  • For children’s rooms and basements, look for budget-friendly but stain-resistant polyester carpets. Nylon stands up to pets.
  • Test carpet samples at home by placing on the floor to see how colors look. Compare to furniture and lighting.
  • Select quality padding to extend carpet life. Upgrade to memory foam or rebond padding for cloud-like softness underfoot.
  • Take advantage of seasonal sales around holidays and inventory clearance events to save big on remnants.

Getting Carpet Installed by Bob’s

Proper installation is key to maximizing the wear and beauty of new carpets. Here’s what to expect with Bob’s Carpet:

  • Expert installers thoroughly prepare subfloors, remove old flooring if needed, install tack strips, and seam edges.
  • Carpet orders take 2-3 weeks from purchase date until installation day. Schedule install as soon as you order.
  • Request additional services like moving furniture or upgrading to premium cushion padding. Stairs, corners, and closets cost extra.
  • Installers will remove and dispose of old carpeting if you desire. Make sure furniture is cleared out ahead of time.
  • Read all warranties and guarantees for installation work. Bob’s guarantees satisfaction plus warranties their seaming workmanship.
  • Post-install, have your existing furniture moved onto carpet protectors and give new carpet a thorough vacuum to remove loose fibers.

Purchasing carpet and scheduling installation in one easy process with Bob’s Carpet ensures everything comes together smoothly and on schedule.

FAQs About Bob’s Carpet

How are Bob’s Carpet prices compared to other retailers?

As one of the largest carpet sellers nationwide, Bob’s Carpet can offer very competitive pricing by working directly with manufacturers. Expect costs 20-50% less than smaller flooring stores.

What brand names does Bob’s Carpet offer?

Bob’s sells major brand names like Shaw, Mohawk, DreamWeaver, and Phenix in addition to their exclusive proprietary brands. There are options at every price point and quality level.

Will Bob’s install carpet I purchased elsewhere?

No, you must buy carpet directly through Bob’s Carpet in order for their in-house installers to do the job. This ensures correct sizing and efficient coordination.

What’s the best way to find carpet deals at Bob’s?

Check Bob’s weekly promotions both online and in local ads. Look for holiday sales around Memorial Day, July 4th, etc. Ask about clearance remnants for the biggest discounts.

Does Bob’s Carpet offer financing options?

Yes, Bob’s can arrange special financing through third-party partners to allow you to split carpet payments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months dependent on total purchase amount.

How long does new carpet installation take?

The average carpet installation takes one full working day depending on room size. Residential jobs almost never take more than two days. Planning for delivery and installation simultaneously minimizes waiting.

Will Bob’s installers move furniture if needed?

Upon request, installers can move furniture out of carpeted rooms and place back after installation for an additional hourly fee. Removing and replacing heavy pieces takes more time.

Does Bob’s sell carpet padding too?

Yes, Bob’s stocks all types of quality padding from basic bonded urethane to deluxe memory foam options. This ensures proper sizing and materials suited for your new carpet.

How can I make stains easy to clean from Bob’s carpets?

Ask about built-in stain protection available for most carpets. Spot clean spills immediately. Carpet stain removers and cleaning solutions keep carpets looking fresh.

How long does carpet from Bob’s Carpet usually last?

With proper care and maintenance, expect around 7-15 years from quality carpeting depending on the level of foot traffic. Investing a bit more upfront nets longer-lasting carpets.


Whether your goal is affordable wall-to-wall carpeting or lush, decorative area rugs, Bob’s Carpet has the flooring and expertise to upgrade your home. Their wide selection, convenient installation services, and competitive pricing take the stress out of the process. Visit your local Bob’s Carpet showroom today to browse carpet samples, speak with flooring specialists, and get started transforming your rooms. You’ll love welcoming the fresh style, comfort, and coziness of new carpeting from Bob’s Carpet.

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