Find Your Perfect Fit with Skechers Shoes from Bob’s

Finding shoes that check all the boxes on style, comfort, and affordability can feel daunting. But Skechers delivers on all three fronts effortlessly. As an authorized Skechers retailer, Bob’s Shoes offers an incredible selection of the brand’s innovative athletic shoes, sandals, work shoes, and boots in women’s sizes.

This in-depth guide will teach you how to select the perfect Skechers designed for your unique foot needs. Get ready to enjoy every step with Skechers!

Determine Your Ideal Skechers Style Based on Use

With hundreds of Skechers styles for women, first decide how you plan to wear them:

  • Everyday walking – For all-day wear, slip-on and lace-up sneakers provide cushioning for mileage.
  • Running or workouts – Lightweight and flexible athletic sneakers absorb impact. Mesh uppers allow airflow.
  • Work or duty – Comfortable yet polished oxfords, loafers, and slip-resistant clogs perform on the job.
  • Travel – Slip-ons with stretchy knit uppers easily slip on and off at airport security.
  • Weekend wear – Casual slip-ons, sandals, and espadrilles transition seamlessly from day to night out.
  • Winter weather – Insulated boots with rugged outsoles provide warmth and traction on ice and snow.

Once you know the primary activity, narrow options by assessing features.

Dial in the Perfect Fit – Size, Width, Arch Type

Skechers are available in a range of women’s sizes, widths, and arch supports so your shoes feel like they were custom made for your feet.

When trying on pairs, look for:

  • Accurate sizing – Measure feet and know your length. Skechers are available in half sizes for an ideal fit.
  • Width options – If you have wider feet, choose styles in wide and extra wide widths. Snug heels and roomy toes provide comfort.
  • Arch match – Skechers offers high arch, normal arch, and flat shoes. Match the insole type to your foot’s arch for support.

Too big and your foot will slide around causing blisters. Too small and toes cramp painfully. Getting the dimensions just right ensures all-day comfort for active lifestyles.

Inspect Key Features that Provide Support

Skechers pack technology into every detail designed to cradle feet. When evaluating pairs, look for:

  • Cushioning – Memory foam, air cooled, and impact-absorbing midsoles soften strides.
  • Traction – Durable rubber outsoles with multi-directional lugs prevent slips.
  • Flexibility – Flex grooves allow natural foot movement and bend in the exact spots needed.
  • Lightweight – Innovative materials reduce bulk so shoes feel feather-light.
  • Breathability – Knit mesh uppers allow air circulation to keep feet cool.
  • Durability – Leather, synthetic, and reinforced stitching stand up to wear.
  • Support – Firm heel counters stabilize feet in the shoes.

The Skechers magic is in the thoughtful construction quality you can sense.

Caring for Your Skechers Properly

Investing in the perfect pair means you want them to last. Follow these care tips:

  • Rotate regularly – Alternate between pairs to prevent uneven wear on shoe sides or sole.
  • Use fitted insoles – Maintain arch support and cushioning. Replace insoles every 6 months.
  • Clean dirt promptly – Use a soft brush to remove dirt, then allow shoes to fully air dry.
  • Apply protector spray – Spray leather and fabric uppers to resist water and stains. Reapply monthly.
  • Check soles – Once tread starts wearing down, it’s time to replace them.
  • Store properly – Stuff with tissue to hold shape when not worn. Avoid direct heat or sunlight.
  • Spot clean – Dab stains on fabric or leather uppers gently using a mild soap and soft cloth. Don’t soak!
  • Air dry away from heat – Stuff damp shoes with crumpled paper to aid drying and absorb moisture faster.

With some TLC, your Skechers will feel as great years later as they did day one!

Score Savings on Skechers at Bob’s

Getting comfort and style doesn’t have to blow your budget. Use these tips to save on Skechers:

  • Sign up for emails – Stay in-the-know on upcoming sales and exclusive email subscriber promos.
  • Check for coupons – Look for coupons on Bob’s website before purchasing. Even 10% off helps!
  • Loyalty program – Sign up for Bob’s free loyalty program to earn points and qualify for discounts.
  • Off-season sales – Shop for sandals and sneakers during fall/winter and boots during spring/summer for deals.
  • Bundles – Buying 2+ pairs can lower the per-pair price. Stock up!
  • Price match – Ask Bob’s to match a competitor’s listed price if you find Skechers cheaper elsewhere.

Shoes you adore for less? Music to every shopper’s ears! Using Bob’s insider tips ensures you get the lowest price.

Strut with Confidence in Skechers from Bob’s

Finding your sole mate doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to Skechers selection at Bob’s Shoes. With knowledge of your personal needs and preferences, trying on sizing, evaluating fit and features, caring for shoes properly, and leveraging specials, you can step out in affordable style.

Visit Bob’s in-store or online to discover your ideal fit in Skechers unbeatable athletic, work, and casual shoes today. Your feet will thank you!

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